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I was fooled too by these jerks! I can't believe I was scammed into paying money upfront almost $200 bucks and I haven't worked in a year!

I called almost a month ago and talked to someone by the name of jennifer who guaranteed I could be working the soon... I went into the office and spoke to someone completely different who assured me she was the manager, but the girl I spoke to on the phone said she was the manager...weird! And that "jennifer" was no longer with the company...and she could help me. WRONG! Every question I asked her was answered with another answer, I finally asked to speak to the girl I spoke with on the phone and was told that wasn't possible.

I excused myself very quickly and walked out.

Why couldn't I get an answer to... when will I be meeting with the employer or what kind of jobs do you have? Simple questions couldn't be answered.." I can't tell you that until you pay" was her answer.

I went back in before I left and asked the receptionist for a copy of the paperwork I was being rushed to sign, and waited around to speak to a few of the clients walking out to see what their feelings were.

One man was very quick to say he hadn't had one solid lead in over 2 months and that every job they advertise as exclusive could be found on careerbuilder or craigslist FOR FREE!

At that point one of the employees from northwest employment rudely inturupted us and asked me to leave! Can you believe that? If I would have paid their $200 dollar fee would I have to leave!?? And isn't it my right to free speech in america? If the service wasn't a scam what was the problem with me getting a little feedback?

I haven't been asked to leave a business in my whole life and feel it was inappropriate and down right rude. That is northwest employment scared ill find out? That they take your money and do nothing they promise?

I am telling everyone about my experience with this company in hopes that no one has to go through what I went through. For all that, they should pay me $200!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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P Hailey

Northwest Employment is a licensed permanent employment service celebrating 16 years serving Washington. We pride ourselves on providing a valuable service to area job seekers and companies. These tough economic times are difficult for all of us. We were fortunate to operate mainly during a thriving economy. As the Customer service manager for Northwest Employment I would welcome the chance to speak to anyone who has questions or comments. I have been with this company for fifteen years and have seen thousands of job seekers get back to work and thousands of employers find good qualified applicants.

Unfortunately when someone is posting blindly and can keep anonymity they can also make outlandish and fraudulent claims. Over the past several days there have been several posts under various names from someone we believe to be a former employee who is disgruntled. The allegations and claims made on the previous posts can neither be substantiated nor confirmed because they are false.

The concept of charging a fee for a service is not unique to our business. Many businesses charge an up front fee for a service and results vary based on how effectively the service is used. Health clubs and weight loss centers are two examples of services which individuals can do on their own, but choose to seek assistance. Northwest Employment is effective if used properly. We give each client a money back guarantee of accuracy and availability, so it is difficult to understand how claims of false leads and false advertising can be made. Our office has been in Tacoma for over 16 years, much of that time was when unemployment rates were under 4%. The suggestion that we are “taking advantage of the unemployed” is absurd.

Northwest Employment adheres to all state laws and guidelines as well as internal protocol as defined in all legitimate ethical business practices.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 877-582-0146 or email me at


Paul Hailey

Service Manager

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