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Northwest employment service is always eager to take money for a referral, but they do not fulfill the deal. They took 185.00 from me for a job referral, but i never heard anything from the acual employer.

Im thinking they promise many people the same job, and demand 185.00 cash up front, and do not deliver. There must be a way to find out who the employer is without having to give NORTHWEST EMPLOYMENT any money. Does anybody know how to do that?

let me know please. It's time to put the brakes on leagalized extortion.

Monetary Loss: $185.

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Did they really come onto pissed customer to try and defend themselves? Trying to cover up the bad reputation and comments by burying them down on the page, are we???

LMAO then they compare job search to weigh loss and dieting...

THOSE KIND OF PLACES ARE NOT PAY UPFRONT! and seroiusly can they not come up with better examples then MAKING FUN OF OVER WEIGHT PEOPLE??? i mean theyre already oput of work and now theyre calling them names too? Ha Ha...

and to think some pooor person says theyve worked there 16 years..

and the company has only been open for less then 12.... sad, some people actually believe this BS


I am so sorry for what all of you have gone through, However, THANK YOU THANK YOU. I was going to go up and pay that money to use there service, but after reading all you blogs, there is NO WAY I would use it.... again THANKS, and I am sorry for your loss, All of YOU have answered my questions

P Hailey

Northwest Employment is a licensed permanent employment service celebrating 16 years serving Washington. We pride ourselves on providing a valuable service to area job seekers and companies. These tough economic times are difficult for all of us. We were fortunate to operate mainly during a thriving economy. As the Customer service manager for Northwest Employment I would welcome the chance to speak to anyone who has questions or comments. I have been with this company for fifteen years and have seen thousands of job seekers get back to work and thousands of employers find good qualified applicants.

Unfortunately when someone is posting blindly and can keep anonymity they can also make outlandish and fraudulent claims. Over the past several days there have been several posts under various names from someone we believe to be a former employee who is disgruntled. The allegations and claims made on the previous posts can neither be substantiated nor confirmed because they are false.

The concept of charging a fee for a service is not unique to our business. Many businesses charge an up front fee for a service and results vary based on how effectively the service is used. Health clubs and weight loss centers are two examples of services which individuals can do on their own, but choose to seek assistance. Northwest Employment is effective if used properly. We give each client a money back guarantee of accuracy and availability, so it is difficult to understand how claims of false leads and false advertising can be made. Our office has been in Tacoma for over 16 years, much of that time was when unemployment rates were under 4%. The suggestion that we are “taking advantage of the unemployed” is absurd.

Northwest Employment adheres to all state laws and guidelines as well as internal protocol as defined in all legitimate ethical business practices.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 877-582-0146 or email me at


Paul Hailey

Service Manager


I paid 200 cash and was promised a full time job that pays no less than 15 dollars an hour with no experience. When I looked through their data base all the jobs required experience and they were mostly under 15/hr I called to get my money back because they promised me one thing but didnt deliver.

They said they could not refund my money.



Yes you are right. They're at it again.

Another example is a job i found on craigslist for pacific northwest bakery. NW emp. had it listed as a bread factory job. They often re-word an ad, or employer info.

to make it appear to be somebody else.My thinking is What they do may not be illeagal, but very unethical.I think it boarders on leagal extortion. However,if you are clever enough, you can figure out who the acual empoyer is. Right now NW emp. is adv.

a shipment tracker job. Odly another job they list is for a shipping clerk(same money,same local.) so..figure out whom the dist. center is, and use a little common scense and you can figure out who the empl. is.I have nailed three so far.

BY the way the email address for NW empl. is(


I am now sorry that I didn't see this site before. Two days ago I went to NW Employment and now I realize I wasted my money. From what I understand we can find these employers on other sites without paying money, what a scam! I knew something was wrong when I was able to look through their entire database in about 10 minutes and found only one job (they made it seem like they would have a lot of jobs). Tonight, when I checked for updates there were NO jobs even in my city.

This is ***. I am paying them money for only a list of jobs (which are nothing like advertised in the newspaper) and no service or help from them.

I can't believe the newspaper still prints their ads! Sham on them. I think it is best if we stick to craigslist. Also, a good place to look is at worksource (

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